Yet another special event has been announced for Trove, and it kicks off today!

Trover players can hop into the game right now and enjoy the Splendid Summer event, which includes new rewards, pineapple-themed procurements, new mounts, skins, and allies.

Trovians can talk to Grand Marshal Qubesly in the colorful Hub to receive a Splendid Summer quest that rewards them with Valor Coins. These coins can then be turned in for Summer-themed skins for weapons of each type, two new mounts, two new allies, and a new Dino Tamer Skin.

Valor Coins can also be redeemed for returning prideful prizes, including the Beloved Bovine pet, and Valiant Ali Corn mount, and Progressive Pride banners. You have from now until June 27th, 2022 to enjoy the Splendid Summer event.

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