Hi-Rez Studios has been talking a lot about the next God for SMITE, but the time for talk is now over! Lancelot, SMITE’s first Assassin in eight months, is now available in-game. Best of all, all you have to do to unlock this character is play the game!

Hand of King Arthur and the First Knight of the Round Table to be added to SMITE, Lancelot is famed far and wide for his countless heroic deeds and dedication to the code of chivalry. Yet he never lets his fame turn to pride. His warmth and empathy inspire respect and make him the people’s champion.

As a questing knight, Lancelot roams across the lands vanquising wild beasts and monsters. This naturally makes him a Jungler in Conquest, the most strategic mode in SMITE.

As for Lancelot’s in-game actions, here’s what the knight can offer:

  • ride to battle on a summonable trusty steed
  • the mount gives access to three new abilities
  • armored war horse boosts Lancelot’s movespeed and survivability
  • growing Health shield
  • Lancelot dashes from one enemy to the next with Piercing Thrusts of his lance
  • ornate shield reduces frontal attack damage, a new mechanic in SMITE
  • ultimate ability creates a Grand Jousting list, mounts up, and charges his foe

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