Moonstone Island is an open-world deckbuilder making its way to Switch, thanks to a publisher pick-up by Raw Fury. The game also happens to have a gorgeous pixel art look, and it turns out the game’s soundtrack is also inspired by the games of old.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Sandy Spink, Lead Designer on Moonstone Island, shared a little about what players can expect from the game’s music. With inspiration from some all-time greats, this soundtrack should turn out to be just as fantastic.

My composer Omar Saab (@osaabmusic) has been working hard to create memorable melodies that resonate with the various environments, locations, and seasons of the game. He has been taking cues from game soundtracks that I love such as Ocarina of Time, Undertale, Fez, Secret of Mana, Mother 3, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and Yoshi’s Island. He’s also been pulling influence from non-video game media like Studio Ghibli (Hisaishi), Spaghetti westerns (Morricone), City Pop (Casiopea), and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

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