As we’ve covered a few times now, Gary Bowser, a hacker who headed up Team Xecuter, was taken to court by Nintendo. Bowser was given 40 months in prison, and has to pay $4.5 million in restitution to Nintendo of America.

Nintendo hacker Max Louarn is the is the boss of Team Xecuter, and he has shared following Bowser’s arrest in an interview with TorrentFreak. It’s safe to say Louarn shows no remorse for what he’s involved with, nor does he plan on stopping.

“I wasn’t going to end up as an engineer earning €5k a month when I realized, at 18, that hacking was not just fun, but that there was a way to make a lot of money. Stealing from companies that make billions, what do I care?

They hate me. I bet that in Tokyo, they posted my picture in an office. We’ve always been pro-liberty, that’s our mindset: to do what we want with the machines and for everyone to have access to them.”

While Louarn isn’t currently incarcerated, he has served time for previous legal issues. Louarn was arrested in 1993 for a Nintendo piracy case. Louarn also face 40 years in jail for reselling stolen phone cards, but pled guilty and served five years. Now he’s living in France, and is clearly continuing his piracy efforts.

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2y ago

He makes himself out to be a regular noble Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.


2y ago

What a loser...even Robin Hood is better than him.


2y ago

What a character... I'll never understand how people can justify some of the things they do, nor do I have to.

I'm just glad I have the mindset I do 😅


2y ago

He made piracy into his career, there's no more reasoning now. He is right about one thing, piracy is more profitable. Companies would normally have teams made to fight hackers but they were paid peanuts and realized it would be more lucrative to be a pirate instead. Until the incentive to fight piracy is greater than being one, we will only see more cases like with Max Louarn.

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