Nintendo and Monolith Soft have given us a look at another character set to appear in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, this time being Yuzuriha, a Phantom Archer. (Attacker). The Japanese voice actor is Rie Kugimiya, who also voiced Mary Godwin from the Xenosaga series. Check out more information on Yuzuriha below, as translated by @AegisFloral on Twitter via the Xenoblade English fan-ran account @XenobladeEN. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 29th.

This is Yuzuriha, (VA: Rie Kugimiya) her class is Phantom Archer. (Attacker) She can deliver powerful blows to the enemy’s blindspots using her bow. She hunts down her foes by concealing all signs of her presence

Because she lives in the forest, Yuzuriha is rather agile and quite skilled at moving through the trees and on ropes. She’s pretty dangerous!

Yuzuriha is aligned with Agnus, but chooses to live peacefully in the woods. She is well-trusted by the members of the colony.


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