Music Label Curaga Records has announced a new LoFi album, and this one pays tribute to the music of Super Mario 64. Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64, from artists 88bit and Save Point, is set to release on June 24th, 2022.

Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64 is a nostalgic tribute to Koji Kondo’s beloved soundtrack. With gorgeous piano arrangements, warm analog synths and colorful re-harmonization, the album features 11 tracks that fuse cozy beats and reimagined melodies with jazzy LoFi undertones. You can see the full track list below, along with some sample tracks.

Track List:

  1. Opening (from Super Mario 64)
  2. Inside the Castle Walls (from Super Mario 64)
  3. Wing Cap Mario (from Super Mario 64)
  4. Bob-omb Battlefield (from Super Mario 64)
  5. Cave Dungeon (from Super Mario 64)
  6. Dire Dire Docks (from Super Mario 64)
  7. Piranha Plant Lullaby (from Super Mario 64)
  8. Koopa’s Road (from Super Mario 64)
  9. Bowser’s Theme (from Super Mario 64)
  10. File Select (from Super Mario 64)
  11. Staff Roll (from Super Mario 64)

Along with streaming options, Video Game LoFI: Super Mario 64 will be available on both CD and cassette tape from The Materia Store or Bandcamp. Both options are priced at $15.

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