Jeremy Parish dives into the Atari 7800 versions of Donkey Kong, DK Jr., and Mario Bros.

The days when Atari dominated the home console landscape

15 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

While it seems crazy nowadays, there was a time when Nintendo allowed their games to appear on other platforms. This was especially prevalent back in the Atari days, which is how Donkey Kong, DK Jr., and Mario Bros. all wound up on the Atari 7800.

While not the best versions of these games, the Atari 7800 releases of Donkey Kong, DK Jr., and Mario Bros. are still interesting simply for existing. They also do a decent job at replicating the arcade experiences of these classics, albeit on inferior hardware.

If you’ve never spent time checking out these official oddities, Jeremy Parish’s video does a great job of showing you what you missed out on!

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