Father’s Day is June 19th, 2022, and if you’re lucky, you’ve got a Dad who’s into gaming. If your Dad falls into that category, Nintendo has some special opportunities you might want to take advantage of!

First up, My Nintendo has a printable Father’s Day Coupon that you can snag for 30 Platinum Points. There are 7 pages of these Coupons all together, and you can offer them to your Dad as a cheeky way of letting him cash in on household chores, playing games, and more. You can purchase your own set here.


If you’d like to go the more traditional route, Play! Nintendo is offering a printable Mario-themed Father’s Day card. Best of all, this options is completely free! All you need is access to a color printer to get the job done. If this sounds like the right idea for your Dad, you can grab the free template here.


Finally, in honor of Father’s Day itself, Nintendo has gathered up a list of Switch games that feature some fantastic fathers. As usual, there are suggestions for Nintendo’s own titles, but there’s some third party nods in there as well. You can see complete rundown of Dad games here.

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