Square Enix releasing Final Fantasy VII 'Shinra Co.' umbrella

Power is truth, and Shinra is the future

15 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Want a premium umbrella that keeps you dry, lets people know you love Final Fantasy VII, and shows your allegiance to the wrong side of the fight? Why not pick up the official Final Fantasy VII Shinra Co. umbrella? The umbrella is up for pre-order right now, and you can get yours for $30.

This black, foldable umbrella features Shinra’s logo and iconography, and includes a single red panel on the interior. The outside of the umbrella sports “Shinra Electric Power Company“ branding, and the red panel on the inside is emblazoned with the Shinra logo. When not in use, you can find a smaller version of the logo in black and white on the cover.

Those who order this Final Fantasy VII Shinra Co. umbrella can expect it to ship out sometime in October 2022.

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Comments (2)


2y ago

This is why Go Nintendo is the absolute best, i never would have heard of this item being available, now [at least in october] rainy days will be the best days.


2y ago

If any company should be releasing an umbrella, it's Capcom. Umbrella umbrella. ☔