Developer RockAndBushes has announced that their mech-based deckbuilding game Jupiter Moons: Mecha is coming to Switch. The current plan is to price the game somewhere between $20 to $25, and release it sometime before the end of 2022.

Choose your mech, customize your loadout, and build your perfect deck. Experiment with cards to find powerful combinations as you enjoy the tactical combat and deckbuilding in this roguelike adventure!

Choose your Mech frame. Every pilot approaches combat differently, choosing from the melee-oriented assault frame, the stealth sniper frame, or just opt-in for raw laser firepower. Mech frames can be upgraded during the game: by installing new equipment and upgrading the frame to a newer variant.

You can read more details about Jupiter Moons: Mecha in the press release below.

Build your perfect deck

Collect weapons, shields, and equipment by destroying your opponents in battle. Victory serves you with new ‘toys’ for your mech, swapping out these ‘toys’ will adjust your combat deck.

Test your Mech on battlefield

There are countless weapons and items to discover and try out: lasers, machine guns, plasma rifles, sniper cannons, swords, hammers, drones, mines, force fields, jet engines, as well as more unique ones like: rocket fists, whips, scythes, cloaks, pile bunkers or mini-nukes!

Enjoy the tactical combat

Predict your opponent’s actions and adjust your tactics to the situation on the battlefield. Flank, assault, ambush, hide behind cover, or precisely target most valuable components on enemies.

Find powerful card combinations

Discover unique card combinations that will give you an edge on the battlefield. Or try to find the one that will break the game: one-turn boss battle victory or no damage. Test your combos on the highest difficulty levels. Protect your mech body parts from destruction

Each body part of the Mech has its own armor and health. Balance your equipment to keep your deck efficient and provide enough protection. When a body part is destroyed, you can’t play cards attached to it!

Choose your path

Choose your path on the campaign wisely, avoid fights not suitable for your current loadout. Take greater risks for better rewards, or just complete your objectives. Discover the origins of the alien AI that is corrupting the machines.

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