Just last month, DON’T NOD Entertainment confirmed that Gerda: A Flame in Winter, its first third-party published game will head to Switch on Sept. 1st, 2022. Gerda is a narrative RPG-lite game developed by Danish studio PortaPlay.

In an interview with The Loadout, we learn that the story told in Gerda is actually inspired by one the developer’s family members.

Hans Von Knut of PortaPlay confirmed that Gerda is inspired by the real-life story of his grandmother, who was a member of the Danish resistance during World War II. Knut’s grandmother shared her experiences and reflected on the era, and those conversations paved the way for a game adaptation.

Gerda will no doubt be a game filled with heavy topics and harrowing situations, and DON’T NOD is ensuring the tale is handled with care. This experience is meant to be a realistic look at how civilians dealt with World War II, and hopefully, will serve as a warning to future generations.

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