My Nintendo Store UK has announced a special offer for those interested in pre-ordering Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Included with both the standard or Collector’s Edition, you’ll receive a free A4 notebook with your purchase. If you’ve already pre-ordered, your bonus is already locked in, so don’t worry about having to re-order.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches on July 29th, 2022, so there’s not too much time left to get in on a pre-order! If this sounds like a deal for you, you can plop down your cash here.

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2y ago

I was about to have a mini rant, but I misread it. This is a nice little addition, though I will say, you can buy this game cheaper than on the My Nintendo Store UK. Which would more than cover the cost of an A4 notebook. But it wouldn't be this notebook. Maybe some other retailers will get it too.