A free update has gone live for the Nintendo Switch version of RetroMania Wrestling from developer and publisher Retrosoft Studios. Previously announced and released for other platforms, the major update adds wrestler Chris Bey as a playable fighter, three new arenas, gameplay improvements, and bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes below and the latest trailer above.

  • New Wrestler: Chris Bey makes his RetroMania Wrestling debut!
  • Three new arenas: The Blue World Order arena, the Coralluzzo Collection Agency and Retropalooza.
  • New entrance animations for Johnny Retro, Matt Cardona and Big Stevie Cool.
  • Old school nameplates are now included for all wrestler entrances.
  • New weapon: Head back behind the ring to find a new kendo stick! Hit your opponent with this after you knock him out with a chair.
  • Several moves can now be done off the front apron to the floor.
  • Added to the wrestler select screen is now a ‘random’ option.
  • Several move animations have been cleaned up, included WARHORSE’s Double Foot Stomp and the Road Warriors’ Doomsday Device.
  • Submission wins are now accompanied by a bone-crunching sound effect.
  • You can now throw your opponent back into the ring.
  • There are several new moves that you can use to throw your opponent either out of the ring or into the steel cage, including the Power German Suplex, the two-handed Choke Toss, and the Belly to Belly Suplex.
  • You can now use dives from the top rope to break up pins.
  • There are several new sound effects, including the sound of the ring bell if you hit your opponent below the belt!
  • During tag team matches, your partner on the apron will now react to the action that’s happening in the ring.
  • Wrestler fatigue is now in the game, and it will certainly remind you of playing in the arcades many years ago!
  • Hot tags are now included in tag team matches.
  • In tag team matches, the illegal man must now have more than 10% health to make the save.
  • The damage from suicide dives has increased, not you’ll now take some damage if you miss.
  • The winner’s entrance music now plays when the match ends.
  • The New Champion cutscene from the Ten Pounds of Gold mode now plays if the Worlds Heavyweight Championship changes hands during in an Exhibition Match.
  • The Championship Indicator has been added to the wrestler select screen, so you’ll always know who currently holds the Ten Pounds of Gold.
  • There are several new video options for RetroMania Wrestling, including scanlines.
  • A new match option has been added to Exhibition bouts, as you can set singles matches or tag team matches to be 2 out of 3 Falls Matches.
  • You can now punch your opponent into a dazed state by holding the ‘light’ button from the headlock position.
  • Turnbuckle move distance and hit boxes have been adjusted.
  • The button to release a pin has now been changed to the Tag button.
  • Many sprite laying and move timing issues have been corrected.
  • Match losers will now randomly display one of our losing poses.
  • Submission moves will no longer automatically break when performed outside of the ring.
  • Lucky Wins can now be toggled within the gameplay options.
  • Ground AI has been completely reworked – no more spam!
  • There have been several sound effect updates to moves.
  • More rope movement occurs when appropriate.
  • All known bugs within RetroMania Wrestling have been fixed.

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