Special Boxed Edition of ENCODYA revealed for Switch

Another one for the collectors out there

16 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Meridiem Games has announced that their Bladerunner-meets-Full Throttle point-and-click adventure game, ENCODYA, will be getting a special boxed edition on Switch. The package is due out sometime in Fall 2022. This retail package will be available through European retailers, but specifics on what’s included have not been shared.

ENCODYA puts you in the role of Tina, an orphan with nothing to call her own. Her guardian, a large and lumbering robot named SAM-53, is her only safety and protection from a grim world full of greed and brutal poverty. Controlled by tyrannical corporations, Tina and SAM must make the best of their circumstances in order to set out on an adventure to turn their cyberpunk dystopia into a lively utopia once more. Without knowing what danger lurks behind the next corner, Tina will rely on her wit and SAM’s metal muscle to leave a life of homelessness and scavenging behind her.

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