GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that the 10th season of Ninjala is officially underway as of today, and it brings a season packed with exclusive content, including plenty of hidden treasures. This season’s launch also coincides with the game’s second anniversary, and there are plenty of celebratory items up for grabs.

To celebrate the anniversary, players will get 500 Jala and a Ninjala Pass Mini for free if they log in between now and June 30th, 2022. The Shinobi Shop is also having a 30% off sale for all players during this time. Pick up some pirate-themed swag and deck out your character for the season.

Season 10 runs until Sept. 28th, 2022, and here’s what you can enjoy in-game starting today.

Voice chat: Talk strategy with teammates in a battle, or chat with friends while you duke it out. You can toggle voice chat on and off in Room Battles.

New Shinobi Card: The latest Shinobi Card for Season 10 is “Berserker.” This card helps players channel their inner warrior to unlock max S-Energy for every K.O. But be careful, because activating this card will reduce Drone damage. It’s the perfect card for the latest Featured Battle…

New Featured Battle: Like a true pirate, duel with other ninjas one-on-one in Man to Man Brawl! Players can trade blows directly with friends and rivals, and the first person to earn three points takes all. There are no Drones in this mode, and both players start at 10 S-Energy with a big weapon. K.O.s are worth one point and IPPONs are worth two.

Mix Up Your Specials

Starting now, players can unlock “Alter Specials” on weapons through Ninja Gum Research. Using this ability changes special attacks on weapons, like swapping out the dash attack on the IPPON Katana for a ranged attack. Players also gain extra favorite slots for outfits and equipment.

Hit the Beach

The WNA Resort is officially open for the season. To celebrate the much-anticipated opening, players can throw bronze medals into the Goddess’s Fountain for Assist Codes and exclusive Ninja-Gum skins. Players earn increased EXP for every bronze medal they toss in the fountain. Throwing in more increases your chance for a “lucky animation” on a good pull to make “Gumchi of the Fountain” appear!

Test Your Skills

Starting in Season 10, players can take on the weekly “Shinobi Challenge” from the Ninja Lab. Battle through five challenges, each with a specific victory condition. If players succeed, they win special prizes, with rare treats given for clearing all five battles. Players get one free chance a day to beat the challenge, and they are able to spend Jala to earn extra tries.

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