SEGA has started a new video series called, Sonic Origins Speed Strats, which aims to highlight the gameplay features players can look forward to experiencing in Sonic Origins. Here’s what episode 1 of this series covers.

Classic Mode - For a trip down memory lane, Classic Mode features the original game presentation in 4x3 with remastered visuals, finite lives and game overs. Classic Mode is available for all four titles and is unlocked from the start.

Anniversary Mode - If you are looking for something new, Anniversary Mode features a full 16x9 screen display and an infinite number of lives to keep the fun going without any game overs. Anniversary Mode is available for all four titles and is unlocked from the start.

Story Mode - Combines all four games into one adventure. Start with Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and end with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.

Animations / Cutscenes - Sonic Origins includes all-new animated opening and ending cutscenes for each game, connecting all of Sonic’s classic adventures.

Boss Rush Mode - Battle Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic and other challenging foes in Boss Rush Mode.

Mission Mode - Take on various missions in all four games. The better you perform the higher your rank will be.

Mirror Mode - Once unlocked, experience classic levels in a brand new way - backwards.

Coins - Enjoy new rewards by collecting coins in Anniversary Mode or completing missions in Mission Mode. If players fail a special stage in Anniversary Mode, coins can be used to retry the stage instantly. Coins can also be used to redeem content in the museum.

Museum - Check out a ton of exciting music, concept art, videos and never-before-seen content found in the Premium Collection Vault.

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