When it comes to branding and marketing, nothing happens by accident. That’s why it should be no surprise to see that Marvel is working on a new Midnight Suns comic, and it’s going to launch right when Marvel’s Midnight Suns hits consoles.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns hits most platforms on October 7th, 2022 (Switch later), and today Marvel has revealed that a new Midnight Suns comic is launching on September 14th, 2022. This will be a 5-issue run, so it’ll be hitting its strides right when the game releases to the public.

The Midnight Suns comic will spotlight Blade; Kushala, the Ghost Rider also known as Spirit Rider; Magik; Wolverine; Nico Minoru; and Zoe Laveau, the breakout character from STRANGE ACADEMY. As you might guess, these characters are also going to pop up in the Marvel’s Midnight Suns game.

As for an official synopsis of the upcoming Midnight Suns comic, you can read that below.

A dark prophesy and apocalyptic new villains with horrifying powers the likes of which Earth has never faced before ordains a team of Midnight Suns to rise and tear @#$% up! But what does this new threat have to do with the Sorcerer Supreme’s past? And why is Strange Academy student Zoe Laveau number one on the Suns’ list?


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