Since Apex Legends is an always-live service, you can expect big things to be in the works all the time. In this instance, the upcoming Awakening Collection is the next big thing, and it launches on June 21st, 2022.

Awaken your Legend’s power in an epic battle. Who will win? The mechs or the monsters? Choose your side in the Awakening Collection Event! Control Mode returns for a limited time with World’s Edge joining the rotation for the first time.

Head east on Olympus to rest up at Lifeline’s Clinic in her new Town Takeover, but beware: you might not be the only squad wanting a checkup.

Unlock new Legendary skins for Horizon, Mad Maggie, Fuse, Loba and more, and collect all 24 event-limited items to automatically receive Valkyrie’s new Heirloom: the Suzaku!

If you want a complete breakdown of what the Awakening Collection event has to offer, check out EA’s official blog here.


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