Nintendo may be done adding characters to Smash Bros. Ultimate, but that doesn’t mean fans are. The modding community continues to create custom characters for the game, and the latest creation might be one of the most impressive yet.

Modder Pm_pik and his team has put in an incredible amount of work to bring Chrono Trigger’s Crono to Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the results show the time and effort were more than worth it. I don’t think you could ask for a better Crono character model, as it retains the style and grace of the original.

Crono has been added to the game as a skin for Dragon Quest’s Hero, but that’s almost impossible to tell just by looking. It’s not until you play as Crono that you’ll notice the connection, as the moves are entirely the same between the two. Of course, the team did put in a little extra effort in one area…


You can’t add a new character to Smash without showing off the accompanying Kirby transformation! While Crono has always had fantastic hair, I think his mop might look even better on Kirby!

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