A handful of older Persona titles have been revealed for other platforms recently, but Switch fan are till waiting for their chance to go hands-on with these award-winning RPGs. While we don’t have anything official to share just yet, we do have some hope courtesy of a German retailer.

While not a concrete look at something to come, German retailer WOG added a listing for Persona 5 Royale on the Switch. Many are hoping Nintendo confirms this in their rumored Nintendo Direct on June 29th, 2022, but again, that’s just speculation for now.

With previously-released Persona titles making their way over to competing platforms, it would certainly be nice to see something like Persona 5 Royale land on Switch. Hopefully we get confirmation on that soon.

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2y ago

I've been biding my time with P5R since I don't want to sit in front of my TV for another 100+ hours. Vanilla P5 was great but also exhausting (I'm more of a handheld player). A Switch version would be fantastic.


2y ago

It better happen! Should have happened when Joker came to Smash! But especially now that it's on Xbox!