Peach, Jack Black, Gundam, & more listed in Fortnite Survey

This is quite the hype selection but lower your expectations

18 June 2022
by kutiekatelyn 1

This is an interesting turn of events. A survey from Epic Games has released and many characters, properties, bands, and more are listed! We have Peach from Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and even Banjo & Kazooie to list a few Nintendo relevant ones. But there’s even more whacky choices if you check out the full list below!

While this is certainly a massive list, please keep in mind that a character, property, or group being listed on this survey does not guarantee a spot in Fortnite. Joker from Persona 5 was once listed on a survey and he has yet to build a single fort at night.

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2y ago

They're going to cite it as Dragon Warrior instead of Dragon Quest? Insulting.