Those who’ve played Super Mario RPG will no doubt remember the game’s Moleville Mountain mine cart section, which put the SNES’ Mode7 graphics capabilities to good use. You had to navigate a mine cart through a maze of tracks in order to progress through the game, and it could take a considerable amount of time to find your way out. Now, decades later, we’ve learned that you don’t need to press a single button to succeed.

Turns out Moleville Mountain’s mine cart mini-game will play itself! As soon as the game starts, you can drop the controller and watch the action play out. There will be some hiccups and backtracking along the way, but believe it or not, the game will eventually see itself through to the end. All in all, it takes about 3 and a half minutes, but the end result is a required portion of the game that plays itself!

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2y ago

It's funny, because I knew this when I was 3 or 4 years old when the game was newish, like I knew that's how it was. Though, really, the challenge is more so the records you have to set. Though uh...there is another point to be made. If you make a really slow record and keep beating it, you'll get rewarded for doing so. So there's that. Make a slow record on purpose so you can keep milking rewards!