RiffTrax: The Game has been updated to Version 1.2. You can read the full patch notes for this update below.

New Content

  • New SFX, Pick-a-Riffs, and Riff-for-Me audio!
  • 30 new clips from films such as Samurai Cop, A Talking Cat, Guy from Harlem, Setting Up A Room, and more!


  • Twitch Picks a Clip – While players are entering their riffs, Twitch chat can vote on the next clip to riff.
  • Twitch Plays Pick a Riff – Chat can act as a player in PaR mode. Chat will automatically be dealt new Pick a Riffs each round.

Pick A Riff

  • Riff Refresh Every Round – You can now enable auto-refresh riffs each round for all players. This option is found on the the game setup screen.
  • Moderation – Moderation is now enabled in Pick a Riff mode.

Riff Bot

  • Options – Moved all Riff Bot options to it’s own sub-menu.
  • Riff Bot IQ – Player can now adjust Riff Bot’s IQ for each game mode. Each setting (Hi, Med, Low) adjusts the frequency of random responses by Riff Bot.


  • Disabled “Hurry up!” audio prompts in games where Twitch Chat voting is enabled.


  • TTS – Fixed a bug where non-English TTS would not play for remote players
  • Winner Audio – “And the winner is…” audio is now synced across all remote players.

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