DIGGERGUN is a 2D platformer about workers, low wages and the environment. An official Kickstarter has just launched for the game, and base funding sits at roughly $13,500. If that goal is achieved, we can expect DIGGERGUN to come to Switch sometime in Q3 2023.

In DIGGERGUN, you’ll dig through mines to obtain precious lithium, whilst managing your time, energy and resources. With various characters to meet and an oppressive world to endure, there’s only one question: will you get out?

Created by a single developer, DIGGERGUN is a passion project about the cost-of-living, and how those at the bottom are frequently given the short straw.


The Kickstarter for DIGGERGUN literally launched a few hours ago, so it’s definitely in need of some support. You can pledge some funding or read more about the game here.

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