Just a couple of days ago, an eShop listing for Roller Champions appeared alongside a June 21st, 2022 release date. Turns out that listing was spot-on, and Roller Champions is indeed available on Switch today. That launch coincides with the launch of the Disco Fever season, which is showcased in the trailer above.

Of course, Roller Champions also offers a season pass, which is called a Roller Pass. This time around, the Roller Pass includes disco-themed items in both free and premium tracks. As Disco Fever is longer than Kickoff Season, there are now twice as many tiers as before.

The launch of Roller Champions on Switch also brings with it new customization items, visual interface improvements, new songs and quality of life features that weren’t found in the initial launch on other platform.

Ubisoft has also shared a special developer video that dives into what the Disco Fever season of Roller Champions has to offer. This will give you more insight into why the team picked this theme, and how they built out the experience.


Skate, tackle, and roll your way up to glory in Roller Champions. Discover a free-to-play, team PvP sports game like no other! As a Roller Champion, compete in a team of three against three. The rules are simple: take the ball, make a lap while maintaining team possession, dodge opponents, and score. Go for more points by completing additional laps before attempting a goal. After each match, gain fans to compete in bigger arenas. Customize characters and create a unique destiny.

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