QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Game Nacional, has announced that they’re bringing the Him & Her Collection to Switch on June 23rd, 2022. Him & Her Collection includes three challenging puzzle-platformer titles; Him & Her, Her Challenges and Him & Her 3.

In these titles, the player must find a way to their significant other by defying gravity between levels. You can move your character from a side-scrolling perspective, and at any time, you can also jump. However, when not jumping, you simply walk towards the platforms and the entire level will rotate according to the direction you are moving the ledges.

It might seem a little complex at first, but it’s actually a simple concept that is taught in a very straightforward way. Instead of “falling” into endless pits, what happens is the entire level (and gravity) will change.

You can pick up the Him & Her Collection for $4 later this week.

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