Minecraft recently pushed its ‘The Wild’ update live, and included in that content drop was the mangrove swamp biome. This biome is filled to the brim with mangrove trees, and it turns out Mojang is using this as an opportunity to help protect and grow real-life mangrove trees.

To support Mojang’s vision of ‘Building a Better World,’ the company will be donating $200K to The Nature Conservancy to protect mangroves. Mojang has also partnered with Everbloom Games to bring you a free map, The Mangrove Restoration Project, which you can play to have fun and learn about mangroves.

The video at the top of this post shows why Mojang put such a big focus on mangrove trees in The Wild update, and their full plan for creating a real-life environment where mangrove trees can thrive. If you still want to learn more about what Mojang is doing, you can find their full mission statement here.

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