With Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes just days from launching, Good Smile felt now was the perfect time to open up pre-orders for their latest Fire Emblem: Three Houses figurines.

Good Smile is now taking orders on their ‘POP UP PARADE’ versions of Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Bernadetta and Edelgard. While most of Good Smile’s figurines are somewhat pricey, the POP UP PARADE line is meant to be an affordable option for fans of various games, Fire Emblems included.

The Bernadetta and Edelgard figurines are roughly 17-18cm in height, and both are priced at about $35. Pre-orders close on August 18th, 2022, and you can expect your purchase to ship out sometime in November 2022. If you’re interested, you can find both of the figurines here.

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