RiffTrax: The Game has gotten a new update, bringing the game up to Version 1.3. You can read the full patch notes for this update below.

New SFX, Pick-a-Riffs, and Riff-for-Me audio!

30 new clips from films such as Samurai Cop, A Talking Cat, Guy from Harlem, Setting Up A Room, and more!


Twitch Picks a Clip – While players are entering their riffs, Twitch chat can vote on the next clip to riff.

Twitch Plays Pick a Riff – Chat can act as a player in PaR mode. Chat will automatically be dealt new Pick a Riffs each round.

Pick A Riff

Riff Refresh Every Round – You can now enable auto-refresh riffs each round for all players. This option is found on the the game setup screen.

Moderation – Moderation is now enabled in Pick a Riff mode.

Riff Bot

Options – Moved all Riff Bot options to it’s own sub-menu.

Riff Bot IQ – Player can now adjust Riff Bot’s IQ for each game mode. Each setting (Hi, Med, Low) adjusts the frequency of random responses by Riff Bot.


Disabled “Hurry up!” audio prompts in games where Twitch Chat voting is enabled.


  • TTS – Fixed a bug where non-English TTS would not play for remote players
  • Winner Audio – “And the winner is…” audio is now synced across all remote players.

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