Are you a Switch owner that’s still a SEGA Genesis kid at heart? Is the official Switch Online SEGA Genesis controller not cutting it for you? Retro-Bit is here to offer you something familiar, yet different, with their BIG6 Controller.

The controller should look instantly recognizable to SEGA Genesis fans, as it’s looking to offer a 6-button layout very similar to what SEGA did back in the day. Of course, there are some notable differences as well. Additional HOME, SELECT, and shoulder buttons have been added, and if you go with the wireless version, you get a built-in battery! Of course, there’s a wired option for those looking to keep things more traditional.

The Retro-Bit BIG6 Controller is available to pre-order right now, and yes, it’ll work with your original SEGA Genesis as well. You have three options to pick from, with the wired console port going for $17, the wired USB port priced at $20, and the wireless option coming in at $35. You can make your pick and pre-order any option here.

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