Dragalia Lost, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Mario Kart Tour, Pokémon Café ReMix, and Pokémon Masters EX have all received a content update. Check out the full details for each game below via

Dragalia Lost:

  • [Events] The following Events are now live: Special water-attuned adventurer upgrade event, Double-drops and half-stamina event for certain main campaign chapters (available until June 29th)

Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • [Events] The latest Hall of Forms event is now live. It features the following Heroes: Sara (Lady of Loptr), Ronan (Villager of Iz), Asbel (Windswept Youth), and Kempf (Conniving General) (available until July 6th)
  • [Manga] Chapter 236 of the official Fire Emblem Heroes manga is now available: click here to check it out! (no end date)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp:

  • [Crafting] The following is now available via Reissue Crafting: Special Furniture (Digby’s hammock, Harvey’s wood cabin), Bubble Bonanza (available until June 28th)

Mario Kart Tour:

  • [Tours] Part 2 of the 72nd Tour, the Metropolitan Tour, is now live (available until June 29th)
  • [Pipe] The 2nd Metropolitan Pipe (featuring Rosalina (Volendam), Luigi (Painter), Flower Kart, Green Sprout (Glider), Painster, Flying Easel (Glider)) is now available (available until June 29th)
  • [Store] The following is now available in the Store: Tulip Corsage Pack, Mario (Golf) Pack (available until June 29th)

Pokémon Café ReMix:

  • [Stages] A new set of Main Orders is now available: 1 176 to 1 200 (no end date)

Pokémon Masters EX:

  • [Events] The latest Special Event, Rival Challenge, has been updated with the following: New Mission (available until July 4th)

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