There’s always room for improvement with any game, but that’s especially true of a battle royale experience like Apex Legends. All the guns and map changes in the world can keep players engaged, but nothing makes as big a difference as matchmaking. If you’re not going up against the right players, a fun time can quickly become a frustrating slog.

Respawn is very aware of this, which is why they’re constantly tweaking matchmaking. In an interview with The Loadout, Respawn’s Evan Nikolich opened up on the company’s push to constantly improve matchmaking. You can see his full comments on the matter below.

A big area of opportunity for us to continue improving upon is our matchmaking system. Matchmaking is a constant challenge for every competitive game, and we’re no exception to that. That said, that won’t stop us from always pushing to make things better, so players can rest easy knowing the team is actively working on improving matchmaking.

[Evan Nikolich, Respawn]

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