Dragon Quest X Offline gets new screens, plus info on mini-games and travel

Some fishing, a bit of luck, and traveling in style

22 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Square Enix has shared a new round of details and screens for Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline. This round of content focuses on the Fishing and Tombola mini-games, along with the Dollboard vehicle. If you want to see the screens, you can find an entire gallery here. If you’re more interested in the details, read the details below, as translated by Gematsu.


  • in the city of Lendor, there is a master fisherman named “Fishing Master Halmos”
  • by becoming his student through a quest, you will be able to fish
  • Fishing Master Halmos will give you your first fishing rod and lure
  • you’ll find all sorts of fish depending on the fishing spots you visit
  • the rarer the fish, the tougher it is to catch
  • you can catch fish by pulling or loosening the line while checking the “bite strength”
  • when catching a fish, you get the fish itself and EXP
  • your “Fishing Level” will increase as you earn fishing EXP
  • by earning EXP, you can learn special fishing skills
  • give fish to Fishing Master Halmos to receive Fish Coins as well
  • Fish Coins can be exchanged for various items at the “Fish Trader”
  • the Fish Trader’s products include Alchemy Pot recipes, materials, and and more


  • a “Tombola Ticket” can be obtained as a free gift for shopping at a store
  • play “Tombola” by talking to a “Travel Concierge”
  • games and items are won by luck
  • you can get Magic Labyrinth coins or materials to synthesize Magic Labyrinth Coins


  • fly around Astoltia on the ancient vehicle known as a Dollboard
  • a Dollboard is a relic of an ancient civilization
  • these relics were called Divine Machines
  • you can open treasure chests and jump while riding a Dollboard
  • you can ask the “Custom Decor” shop in the Mountain City Gatara to change the color set of your Dollboard, of which there are 50
  • if you have a “~Prism” item, you can change the form (appearance) of your Dollboard at the Custom Decor shop

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2y ago

Fingers crossed we get a western release of this one.