BTS gets in on South Korea's Pokémon bread craze

As if they weren't sold out already!

15 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We reported last week that Pokémon bread is doing big business in South Korea. After not being available for years, South Koreas have flocked to convenience stores to snatch up the bread’s return. This led to sellouts almost everywhere, and now things are only going to get worse.

RM, the leader of the incredibly popular boy band BTS, has been sharing his own journey to buy Pokémon Bread on social media. RM is a big fan of the Team Rocket chocolate bread rolls, and he had to visit 8 different convenience stores before finding any in stock.

Just like all the other Pokémon fans in South Korea, RM wants to see production for the Pokémon bread increased. If the head of a supergroup is having an incredibly tough time finding this snack, just imagine how difficult it is for the general public!

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