Pokémon Center UK adds a selection of giant plushies

Better skootch over to make room for these

15 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Why bother sleeping in your bed when you can fill it with giant Pokémon plushies? That’s what Pokémon Co. is hoping you do, as they’ve just added a bunch of their giant Pokémon plushes to the Pokémon Center UK online store. You can find the full list of these pricey Pokémon below.

  • Mareep Poké Plush - 45 Inches (£429.99)
  • Slowpoke Poké Plush - 59 Inches (£329.99)
  • Lapras Poké Plush - 34 Inches (£219.99)
  • Psyduck Poké Plush - 31 Inches (£239.99)
  • Pikachu with Ribbon Plush - 23 ¾ Inches (£104.99)

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