Chocobo GP has been updated to Version 1.1.1. You can see the full patch notes below.

  • Improvements to issues where communication errors would occur between the course introduction section and the start of a race.
  • Addition of a function to delete personal best times for Time Attack mode. *The data stored on the Switch console can now be deleted as desired. (This does not affect any data that has already been uploaded to the server) *Rankings data will also be updated when uploading new data recorded after deleting personal bests. *It remains impossible to race against ghost data recorded on a different version of the game or to upload or download ghost data for a different version.
  • Fixes to an issue where it was possible to continue using team stickers from a previous season.
  • Fixes to mistakes in the names of team stickers.
  • Fixes to an issue where players would get stuck on the terrain on the Hyperspeed version of the Balamb Garden course
  • Fixes to an issue that occurred when using the Kwackeys, where the effects of certain abilities affecting the player were not removed depending on the timing when bombs are detonated.
  • Changes to the video to explain Maduin’s ability to make it reflect the current in-game behaviour.
  • Adjustments to the points acquired by racers finishing in 5th place or lower in Chocobo GP mode 5th place = 200 points, 6th place = 160 points, 7th place = 120 points, 8th place = 80 points

*We will continue to examine and adjust this area, taking into account how it will affect the rankings. An internet connection is required to apply these updates.

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