Believe it or not, we’re less than a week away from Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course expansion launching. This one has been a very long-time coming, but the wait is almost over, and it sounds like our patience will be way worth it.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, Maja Moldenhauer, Studio MDHR’s director and executive producer, discussed just how far beyond the Delicious Last Course goes when compared to the original Cuphead. It sounds like literally every aspect of the game was improved upon!

We didn’t want to rely on the laurels of our past success. We really pushed the boundaries in terms of animation and where we could take it in an experimental mode. So, we’re really known for boss transformations – this time around, you’re going to see a lot of boss transformations, but also location transformations. So, between phases you’ll land in a totally different arena, which means almost triple or quadruple the background art and watercolor paintings done by Caitlin Russell – incredible, incredible work. The music itself is double the orchestra from the original game… so we had 65 people in the original soundtrack, and now we’re at over 110 for this one island. We almost liken it to taking it from the early 1930’s of Iwerks and Fleischer Studios’ cartoons to closer where we were striving of Fantasia… at the same time, trying to find a balance with making it congruent with the original game and not going too far off. But I think that fans will notice there’s a significantly more animation and layers and magic in this DLC.

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