For years now, I’ve been begging for a Switch port of NieR:Automata. I felt the platform would be perfect for the game, and it would be lovely to see this amazing experience reach a new audience. Now, if a rumor is to be believed, I’ll be getting my wish in the very near future.

According to journalist/known leaker Nacho Requena, there’s a chance that we could see NieR:Automata on the Switch. Requena stated that they heard a game from 2017-2018 was getting a Switch port, and when a fan asked for more details, Requena shared a GIF of Nier director Yoko Taro.

NieR:Automata originally launched on PS4 back in 2017, then jumped over to Xbox One in 2018. Along with that, Taro has previously shared interest in bring NieR:Automata to Switch. Could we actually end up seeing the game make its way to Switch later this year? It looks like the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase will be a great place to find out!

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2y ago

Considering this game runs terribly on every platform, I'd have to imagine it's a Cloud version.


2y ago

It could be so Nier, yet so far away. If it's a cloud version, it can stay far away.


2y ago


Ran damn good on the PS4 Pro. Had a very small "drop" in one or two areas where, I guess, they loaded the next part of the game but that was minimal. A quarter of a second perhaps. I hear it was close to perfect on the stronger Xbox One X in performance. THe PC port was supposedly bug-filled though. So I have to disagree on the first half of your statement.

But if this gets ported to the Switch it has to be a miracle port since I think it was pushing the PS4P to the max, or at least close to it.

But if it's a cloud version than that's a damn stupid idea for a pretty fast-paced action game with sevral thigs happening. We all know cloud versions aren't really good on Switch.