Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine both have millions of fans around the world, but both games have some plusses and minuses. That leads to people having a favorite between the two, but what if you could take these games and mash them into one experience? Nintendo will likely never take on that task, but no worries, as a fan has stepped in to do it for them!

Super Mario Starshine is the brainchild of Mario fan SPG642, and he’s taken elements of both Sunshine and Galaxy to create something pretty original. The game starts off with Super Mario Galaxy 2’s engine as a base, and then brings over the world of Super Mario Sunshine, complete with familiar locations and faces. That said, F.L.U.D.D. is left behind for this mash-up, so you’re left using Mario’s skillset and power-ups from Galaxy to get the job done.

It’s quite likely Nintendo is going to step in and squash this project in the near future, but for the time being, a demo remains online. If you want to give this unique combination a shot, you can grab the experience here.

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