NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition is coming to Switch on Oct. 6th, 2022, as was revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase. Since that reveal, Square Enix has shared a few more details on the upcoming port.

When it comes to framerate for the game, things get a tad confusing. An official blurb from Square Enix states that the game’s environments are rendered in 60fps. That said, a tweet from the official Japanese NieR account says that the game’s framerate is 30fps. I have no clue how any of this tech stuff works, but could it be that the game’s environment will run 60fps while characters/enemies will be 30fps?

What we do have a solid answer on is the game’s resolution. Once again, the official NieR Twitter account provided this information. Those playing in docked can look forward to 1080p, while portable will run 720p. Looks like this game will be pushing Switch to its technical limits!

Thanks to NintendoJam for the heads up!

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2y ago

The blurb on the product features section on their store looks to be an exact copy from the "NIER: AUTOMATA™ GAME OF THE YORHA EDITION" version.

So I'd say the Twitter is correct, and the website just missed editing the section to the proper framerate for the Switch version.


2y ago

I’ve seen the UI and the game itself run in different frame rates, but characters and environment at different rates? I don’t think so.

It must mean the game runs at 60, but the environment has lower animation frames.