Yesterday, we learned a bit more about Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Ouroboros, and the details continue today with a focus on Talent Arts. Ouroboros have their own Talent Arts, but you’ll have to fill up the Talent Gauge to use them. Once filled by canceling attacks, you can unleash devastating onslaughts upon your enemies.

Furthermore, you can enhance your Ouroboros’ abilities by using the points accumulated during battle. Decide which abilities you want to upgrade in the various Soul Trees, or try your best to complete all of them!

Outside of Ouroboros, we get to see a bit about the aftermath of battles. Expectedly, but nonetheless sad, you’ll find the bodies of fallen soldiers throughout the field after battles. As offseers, Noah and Mio will be able to send these fallen soldiers on their way to the great beyond, which deepens their bond with the colony the soldier belonged to.

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2y ago

This game is about to be depressing af. And I’m here for it.