In advance of the Sunbreak expansion, Monster Hunter Rise is being updated to Ver.10.0.2 on June 29th, 2022. This is a rather massive update that requires roughly 10 GB of space, so you better make room now!

The main aspects of this update are as follows:

New Story Elements

  • New story content (after unlocking hunter rank cap).
  • Master rank, a new difficulty above high rank.
  • New base, monsters, locales, and endemic life.
  • New weapon trees, armor, layered armor, decorations, and skills.
  • New System Elements
  • New character creation elements.
  • Switch Skill Swap loadouts.
  • New Smithy features, such as Rampage Decorations.
  • New features added to the Lottery and Melding Pot at the Market.
  • New Dango Skills and Canteen features.
  • New Buddy Plaza features.
  • More space in your item box and equipment box.
  • Talisman lock feature added to your equipment box.
  • New Guild Card pages, awards, and titles.
  • New options.
  • New features for the camera (photoshoots).
  • Moves and Player Mechanics

All weapons

  • Switch Skill Swap and Swap Evade added for all weapon types.
  • New switch skills, combos, and more added for all weapon types.
  • New option to perform wall-running without using a Wiredash first.
  • New training area features.
  • New attacks added for each weapon type that combo from landing after a jump or a fall.
  • Recovery items with drinking animations (like Potions) no longer trigger the animation when you’re at full health, and they can now also be canceled.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would slide slightly when adjusting your aim as a Gunner.
  • Ammo is now loaded by default when you leave your tent equipped with a gunlance, light bowgun, or heavy bowgun.
  • Bowgun ammo power has been adjusted.
  • Various weapon actions have been adjusted.


  • Steadiness Level 3 has been added.
  • The affinity gained from Critical Draw has been increased.
  • Stamina use has been decreased for guarding.

Status Ailments

  • New status ailments have been added.
  • Hellfire explosions from hellfireblight will no longer hit other players or Buddies.

Character Creation

  • New hairstyles, makeup, face paint, facial hair, and eyebrow options have been added.


  • New weapons, armor, and layered armor have been added.
  • New Palamute Gear has been added.
  • New Palamute commands and a Palamute Pouch have been added.
  • New Palico support moves have been added.
  • New Buddy Skills have been added.
  • Skill Memory increases have been added.
  • The amount of time it takes to mount your Palamute by holding the button has been decreased.
  • New methods of communicating with your Buddies have been added.
  • New pattern, eye, ear, and tail options have been added.


  • Followers have been added. Followers are special NPCs who will accompany you on certain types of quests.
  • Follower Quests and Support Surveys have been added.

That’s not all there is to the patch notes for this update. There’s actually quite an extensive list of everything that will be tweaked, updated, and added. If you want to pick through the full notes, you can find them here.

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