Bandai Namco has announced Fishing Spirits: Fish and Play Aquarium for Switch, and it’s set to launch sometime this year in Japan. There’s no word on a localization at this time.

You can see official details for Fishing Spirits: Fish and Play Aquarium below, which come from the game’s Japanese site.

Welcome to “Big Catch Medal Land,” an aquarium represented by a large shark and theme park featuring five attractions. Choose an attraction, gather medals, and answer quizzes to win medals.


  • Catch various fish to fill out your aquarium. You can also closely observe the fish you collect.

Theme Park

  • There are five attractions to play in the theme park:

Fishing Spirits Plus – Play the popular Fishing Spirits game from the arcade—at home! Online God Angler Championship – Aim to become number one online! Poison Dock Legend – Get to know poisonous fish through story mode. Fishing Spirits Party – A collection of competitive games that everyone can play together. Shark Shark Fever – Defeat sharks to win medals in this medal drop game.

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