Ultra Kaiju Monster Farm was announced for Switch earlier today, and confirmed for release in Japan. Now we’ve learned there’s a chance for a localized release, as a launch has been announced for Southeast Asia as well.

The release in Southeast Asia bodes well for a launch in NA/EU as the Southeast Asian version is going to include English subtitles. Whenever Bandai Namco has brought these titles out in Southeast Asia with English subtitles, we almost always see a subsequent release in NA/EU down the road.

If/when an official release in NA/EU is announced, we’ll be sure to share those details. For now, you can check out a summary on Ultra Kaiju Monster Farm below.

In the game, players will establish their own massive farm and build it with the help of various Kaiju monsters from the Ultraman series. In keeping with Monster Rancher tradition, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher players will recruit new Kaiju by putting random media into the game. However, since the Switch doesn’t have a disc drive to take music CDs or DVDs, the recruitment methods are all-digital. Players can search pieces of music by title or artist to generate new Kaiju. They’ll also be able to use IC “smart” cards used in transit systems (like Suica or Icoca), or the NFC chips in smartphones, for Kaiju recruitment.

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