Six RWBY characters now live in Paladins

The latest crossover is now available!

29 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

It was previously announced that six characters from the RWBY series would be appearing as skins in Paladins. Today marks the official arrival of these skins, which means you can hop into the game today and enjoy the following:

  • Blake Belladonna as Saati
  • Weiss Schnee as Furia
  • Yang Xiao as Long Imani
  • Ruby Rose as Vora
  • Qrow as Corvus
  • Salme as Seris

These first 4 skins will be part of the Crossover Pass, while players can unlock Qrow and Salem in a chest as well as in direct purchase. Some characters are voiced by original actresses, and the event will also feature a dozen cosmetic items referencing the RWBY universe.

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