Nintendo just hosted their 82nd annual General Meeting of Shareholders, and those in attendance were free to ask Nintendo whatever questions came to mind. One shareholder decided to use some of their time to bring up the recent rash of leaks Nintendo has suffered.

Nintendo was the target of an absolutely gigantic leak in the last few years, the likes of which we’ve never seen for the Big N. Tons of company assets were leaked, and from decades’ worth of work. Everything from NES projects up to modern-day games saw assets and sensitive documents leaked, and as you can guess, Nintendo was very unhappy about this.

Those leaks contained information bout the iQue, which is branding Nintendo used in China for many years. As this was included in the leak, many thought the leak may have stemmed from one of the companies Nintendo works with in China.

The shareholder who brought up the leaks specifically made mention of this speculation, which led Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa to share the following.

“The PC and mobile games market in China is large, but dedicated games consoles are not so large. Together with Tencent, we want to continue to popularize them. We are working with experts on information leaks. We have also introduced information security management.”

[Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa]

A rather small response on leaks, but Furukawa certainly indicates that Nintendo has beefed up their security around their sensitive materials. Obviously Nintendo isn’t going to share specifics on their protection methods, but hopefully whatever they have in place will stave off another massive intrusion.

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