Niantic has found incredible success with Pokémon GO, and that title continues to rake in millions, if not billions every year. That said, the company’s other projects haven’t found anywhere near the success of Pokémon GO, which has caused Niantic to shift their path forward a bit.

Niantic has halted development on four projects and is cutting roughly 8% of its workforce, which accounts for 85-90 people. This follows an email from Niantic Chief Executive Officer John Hanke where it was revealed that the company is “facing a time of economic turmoil” and has already been “reducing costs in a variety of areas.” But Hanke said Niantic needs to “further streamline our operations in order to best position the company to weather any economic storms that may lie ahead.”

As for the cancelled projects, one was related to Transformers, while another was a collaboration between Niantic and Punchdrunk. The two other projects were not specified.

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