Nintendo had worked with Ubisoft a number of times over the years, but the two companies strengthened their relationship more than ever through Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. That pairing obviously worked well, as it paved the way for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, the sequel coming to Switch in Oct. 2022.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, lead producer Xavier Manzanares talked about how Ubisoft’s relationship with Nintendo has evolved since Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle first came about. You can see his full statements on the relationship below.

“The way we work with Nintendo, it’s been eight years now, so we start to have a really strong relationship. On Kingdom Battle it was a bit discovering Nintendo and Nintendo discovering us as a team, and thankfully it went well and we were happy with that relationship. But now the bonds are stronger.

They always said something to us, they said “This is your game. This is Ubisoft and your team’s game, so you are the ones responsible for what you want to do.” So the way they acted on Sparks of Hope was quite similar [to] Kingdom Battle, which was an advisory role, giving feedback, and of course validating everything that is linked to Nintendo IPs.

When it comes down to the gameplay, and the frame of what we wanted to do, they were listening to everything and then giving their point of view, and it was our decision to go on or change if we believed that their feedback was fitting the creative vision. So it was really a strong relationship throughout the years on Sparks of Hope.”

[lead producer Xavier Manzanares]

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