The Epic Mickey franchise was a modest success. The series saw two mainline installments and a 3DS spin-off, and then it seemed to ride off into the sunset. At least that’s what we thought, as it appears there were plans for another spin-off title at one point.

In the video above (18:40 mark) you can see the very first footage of Epic Donald, a spin-off game that was once in development. This project was being worked on back in 2012, and as you can tell from the gameplay, it looks like the experience would be quite similar to Epic Mickey.

Epic Donald never got to see release due to Junction Point Studios, the team behind the game and the Epic Mickey series, getting closed down in 2013. Apparently Disney didn’t have any interest in continue Epic Donald’s development, so the game’s progress ended then and there.

Thanks to the many of you who sent this tip our way.

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