Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is certainly looking fantastic, and the showcase Ubisoft put on earlier today only furthered that notion. Everything shown so far makes this sequel look like much more than a worthy successor, as it’s not only keeping what worked in the first outing, but revamping some areas to give them a fresh feel.

One of the biggest changes from the first to second game will be the battle system, which is keeping the strategic components, but moving away from grid-based battling. In a GamesRadar interview with associate producer Cristina Nava, this decision was made to please newcomers while still keeping hardcore fans engaged.

“Sparks of Hope is, indeed, a tactical strategy game with combat. We know that the genre commands a more niche audience, but we wanted to make it as open as possible. Here, what we wanted to do was make the tactical part of it even easier to grasp. The appeal for the hardcore gamers and the tactical genre enthusiasts, that’s still there; the combat is still deep and layered, if you want to experiment. But we’ve also removed the grid when players are planning their attacks. There’s real-time movement too, so there’s a broader appeal for experts and beginners – we’ve tried to appeal to an even wider audience this time around.”

[associate producer Cristina Nava]

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2y ago

I just want to know if you are going to be forced to use at least one Rabbid when you play the game. That was a total turn off for me.